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A website is like an online identity of a person or a company or an institute. Designing a website is like creating a sketch of your dreams through words, images, and graphic representation. So I want all my clients to have an exceptional first impression on all of their website visitors. As you may have heard, the first impression is the last impression. So let me help you in getting that impactful first impression with a simple but the best website designed to fit your needs perfectly.

Web designing has come a long way since its start. Nowadays, there are so many options to choose from on how to build your website. There are technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which used to be the core development languages. Nowadays, with automation and CRM(Content Management System), there are just so many options to choose from like WordPress or Shopify or Squarespace or WebFlow, and the list goes on.

Not to forget the use of different devices coming in to play nowadays. With the increasing use of mobile phones and tablets, the website should be user friendly on all the devices. This type of website that is specifically designed to operate on all the tools is called a responsive website.

Web designing has now diversified into many branches. Just creating a website is not going to benefit you in your business. There are many different aspects like SEO, Advertising, Link Building, and many more which play a major factor in the performance of a website. Designing a beautiful website but not having it ranked #1 on Google or any search engine is like buying a Ferrari without an engine.

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I will help you get the best out of your website by adding extra value to your site by maintaining it from time to time and keeping up with your competitors. So here is the break down of my web 5 step web designing process:

  • 1) Research and Brainstorm
  • 2) Designing
  • 3) Revision
  • 4) Website Launching
  • 5) Maintainance

Research and Brainstorming This is the first stage wherein I would personally listen to your ideas and give my suggestions via market research and competition. We go through the exact picture of your site in your mind and develop a framework for your designing process.

Designing Taking every idea you have in your mind, I incorporate your ideas to give it a shape and bring it to life visually. This includes designing the theme of the website, creating a logo, and all the other elements that are required.

Revision This step is to make the corrections in the developed site, and add some new ideas or changes according to your requirements. This process is the most important from my perspective as it gives you a chance to have a proper visual of your dream website.

Website Launching Finally, after putting in all the hard work this is the big day which you and I are waiting for. The launch of the website is done and is tested from different platforms and places to check for any bugs.

Maintainance This includes the after process of updating the content of the website, optimizing it to rank #1 on Google or different search engines or doing Search Engine Marketing, and so on.

For web designing services in Toronto, you can have me any time anywhere you want me. Also for nearby locations like Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, and anywhere near Toronto. I also operate globally as the world is a small village with the internet in our hands, so you can leave a message for me, and I will get back to you within 24hrs.

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