What to do after your website is launched?

Hey everyone, let me clarify one thing here before you carry on. I am talking about getting started in terms of SEO. Because in my opinion there would be thousands of people around, like me who might be thinking, what do I do next? And so I thought of sharing my experience with you all so that we can help each other and figure out the best ways. I hope you are excited as much as I am to get the answer to this frequently asked question, what do I do after I launch my website?

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So at these point of time, I assume that all of you should have your website launched with your hosting server, and it is running live on the internet. In my opinion, or I would say the options I would look first is setting up a Google Search Console Account and Google Analytics. Doing this would be a good stepping stone towards success. Now, If you want to learn how to set up those accounts, you can check the links here.

With both the google accounts set up correctly, I would recommend you go to the W3C validator and check for errors in each of your pages. It might take a little bit of time, but trust me, it would pay off better in your ranking factor in Google. Once you finish this step, you can now optimize your pages furthermore by going to page speed tester, which is a free tool offered by Google. This tool checks the overall performance of your page. Note: if you enter the domain of your website, it will just show the results for your home page. You need to go through each page of the site.

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Along with the results, Google will also show you how to improve your mistakes and make your page better. Usually, there are suggestions like, use images which are of the smaller size, or to remove unused CSS and JS, or to minify the CSS and JS. Now, if you get a score between 60-89, do not feel bad, you can easily make minor changes to get a higher score.

Let me give you a few simple examples and the tools on how to fix the errors. Let’s say, for example; it is telling you to decrease the size of the image; you can do this in many different ways. I prefer using photoshop if you have a subscription, or there is always free software online like a Reduced Image wherein you go and upload the image. It will automatically process the picture for you without losing the quality, and then you can download it.

Let’s take one more example; if you have to minify your JS and CSS files, you can do this online on site like minifier, or I use code editor. I use the VS Code, and there is an extension called CSS and JS minifier. You can open your file and click on minify, and it will do the work for you. And for doing it online, you copy your code, paste it in the designated area and hit minify it will give you your minified version.

So there you have it guys; these are the first two steps that will help you in getting a step closer to achieve the #1 rank on google. I hope that was of some value to you, if you have any suggestions or ideas, please do hit them up and let’s help each other and grow.

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