5 Steps To Financial Freedom Using Digital Marketing

If you are not familiar with the term Digital Marketing, let me explain to you super quick what it is. So, digital marketing is nothing but the process of marketing that is done with the help of digital devices and on digital platforms.

Now let us start from fundamentals, we can use all the social media platforms in our phone to get launched. Each person who is having a phone can become a marketer, that is how much power the internet has. If you are a social media fan of an endless scroller of the mobile phone, you have a vast opportunity to make money on the platform you love.

Let’s talk about these platforms first, many social media platforms coming up every day, but the leading platforms that we use are:

  • – Facebook(2.23B)
  • – Instagram(1B)
  • – Youtube(1.9B)
  • – TikTok(600M)
  • – Twitter(350M)
  • – LinkedIn(300M)
  • – Snapchat(255M)

The numbers in every bracket show the number of users who are active on this platform. It blows my mind just by looking at the number and imagining the potential of each platform, if not every. Social media is like your free pass to Disney land or a free ticket to space. You can reach out directly to your customers without having a middle man who eats up a lot of your commission and even sometimes becomes a spoiler.

Now you may be wondering, but Aarsh, how do I get going? Let me help you with this one. I will give you a step by step process to make a living out of these platforms and maybe even achieve financial freedom for life. Are you feeling excited listening to this word “FINANCIAL FREEDOM”? Well, let me tell you it is possible. If you follow the steps correctly, you can quickly get over your crossing line and be a winner. So here it is, make sure you understand the steps correctly.

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Step1: Find out the niche in which you would like to work. By niche, I mean a specific topic which focuses on a particular field like fitness, diet, cooking, law, dancing, singing, and so many other. You have to be specific about what you like because if you do not love the process, you would never get to the result. So choose your niche wisely.

Step2: If you are an expert in your niche, this would be an ideal situation for you, but don’t worry if you are not. There no force which can stop you from learning anything which you love. So work hard and make sure you have a very in-depth knowledge fo your niche. Now, once you have become the master of your niche, you are ready to go. If you are an expert, you would smoothly go through this step.

Step3: You have to start with choosing any four social media networks that you love the most; this can be any four. And now, once you are an expert in your niche, start sharing your expertise with others on these social media platforms. You can use any form of content( Audio, Video, Text, or Images)that you are comfortable in the making. But don’t be shy or don’t fear other people, start. I assure you your haters would be either the people who are not your well-wisher or are jealous of your achievements and work.

Step4: Using your content, start increasing your audience on social media platforms. Remember, it is going to take time, but it’s all about the game of patience. Try and bring as much value as you can to your customers. As GaryVee says, “the only way you can get rich is by bringing more value to others.” Use this technique and start, it might not be fascinating in the beginning, but once you have gained the attention of your audience, you cannot imaging how much you can leverage your brand.

Step5: Once you have a base of an enormous amount of audience, start scaling your brand. You would be the king of empire who gets to choose the options on what to do and what not to do.

If you think that all of this sounds overwhelming, then look around you, you will find an enormous amount of people doing this and making a life of their dreams. I would plead you to take small actions, even if you are a 9 to 6 guy, bring in a couple of extra hours to get started. I am a believer that hard work pays of one day, and I can assure you that if you put in hard work and effort, you will win. There are no short cuts to success. Just put in the hard work and start loving the process; your hard work will speak for you.

Thank you for investing your valuable time in reading this, I hope it did bring some value to you.

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