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What is Digital Marketing & How to start?

Digital Marketing this word is taking the market like a tsunami. Within the last couple of years, whenever you listen about it, it is used as a fashionable word. People want to be cool and happening by doing digital marketing. But in my opinion, the real meaning of "Digital Marketing" is the hardcore practice of your marketing skills or your capability to get a robust association with your audience on digital platforms.

Wikipedia says: Digital marketing is the part of marketing that uses the internet and online technologies, namely desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.

To keep it simple, I would say anything which is in connection with the advertisement of a product or a service that takes place anywhere, anytime, is called digital marketing. Now you might be thinking how is it possible to do it anytime, and the answer to that question lies in your hand. The device that you are using to read this blog post is the answer to all your questions. In the 21st century, the internet is like the best blessing in disguise. We are underestimating the capabilities of the internet so much that we cannot see the whole new world of opportunities it is creating. Think of it in this way, how difficult it was in earlier times to get something( a message, product, service) from one corner of the world to another. Now, with the development of technology, we can get anything from any corner of the world.

And with this development of technology, the field of marketing has gone to the next level. I cannot count how many new ways are emerging every day to doing the same things differently. You may see new applications coming in every day and a few of the old ones dying. If you want to be an entrepreneur, this, in my opinion, is the most significant opportunity in the history of humanity.

Let me tell you how much power you have right now in your hands to earn a living. Let me start with the simplest example, which anyone from any age group can apply. Just imagine, you are in any wrong spot, and with no job in your hand, you can start your business right away from your phone. How simple is it to order the most inexpensive goods from china by using AliExpress or Alibaba and get it delivered to your doorstep, and then simply go to the Facebook market place and sell the same item for a hefty commission. I cannot think of any more straightforward example. Also, let me tell you how enormous scope this field of digital marketing has. Just go back a decade and imagine how hard it was to start a retail business of buying and selling goods or services. Now you have platforms like Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix through which you can start your business within a day without even worrying about the inventory.

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Trust me, everyone, if you want to be a businessperson this is the time to start, you have all the resources with you, its just a matter of taking action. If you are thinking but Aarsh how can I start, where do I start, then let me give you a suggestion that I tried myself, go to google and start reading blogs if you like reading, or go to youtube and watch videos, or if you want to listen to start with Spotify. There are enormous ways to get started, you just have to figure out what works best for you, and then start acting on it.

Digital Marketing is a vast topic to discuss in on blog posts, so let's divide this up in a series of blogs regarding it. I hope you enjoyed the first part of this digital marketing series blogs.

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Thank you for investing your valuable time in reading this, I hope it did bring some value to you.